Companionship of Books

June 9, 2020

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    Development should be placed at the top of China's national strategy. We should do whatever is conducive to development. As a driving force for development, social vitality is by no means a threat to social stability. China, which is developing faster than most other countries and has a founding philosophy to pursue the well-being of its people with social equity, will surely be able to stride forward more steadily and more firmly in a world full of uncertainties.

Companionship of Books

    There are all kinds of social dissatisfactions in all countries. All of them, after being accumulated for a certain amount, may erupt through abnormal channels. No country, including China, could completely prevent street protests.

    But experience from around the world tells us that the stronger China becomes, the more it is able to say no to external interferences via exercising its sovereignty. The greater collective confidence and cohesion the Chinese society has, the more powerful the country becomes to put protests under control and prevent them from deteriorating.