Prebiotics Oligofructose FOS Fructooligosaccharides Food Supplements

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Fructo oligosactharide ( FOS ) , CAS: 308066-66-2


Fructooligosactharide (FOS)

Fructooligosactharide, referred to as the FOS, also known as Oligofructoseor or Sucrosetrisacchride. whose fructosyl units (F) are bound at the β(2→1) position of sucrose (GF) respectively, the soluble dietary fibre, naturally existes in more than 36000 kinds of plants, such as burdock (3.6%) , onion (2.8%) ,garlic (1.0%) ,rye (0.7%) and bananas (0.3%). FOS is recognized as typical Prebiotics, as its significant healthy benefits, excellent processability and good tastes. FOS has even been the most extensive application Prebiotics at present.

CAS: 308066-66-2


Chemistry structural formula of Fructooligosaccharide

Prebiotics Oligofructose FOS Fructooligosaccharides Food Supplements


Healthy Function:

1. Improve intestines

2. balancing body microorganism, building up a probotic preponderant intestinal environment

3. inhibiting bad bacteria, reducing toxin production

4. enhancing immunity system

5. promoting minerals absorption, such as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, etc.

6. low calorie value



1. Kinds of healthy functions are approved by science trials and studies

2. Being granted as the third generation function factor

3. One of the typical prebiotics general recognized over the world, Nutrition and Healthy Advocacy product

4. Recognized as GRAS by the US.FDA

5. Legislated as Food for specified health uses FOSHU in Japan

6. Recognized as General Food ingredient by AQSIQ china and Ministry of Health

7. Recognized as Food Fortifier


Physico chemical properties of FOS

1, Prolong the food shelf life;
2, Prevent food from turning acid for less moisture absorption;
3, More stable under heating;
4, Mild and clear sweet


Physica Functions of FOS

1,FOS is dietary fiber

FOS will not undergo browning in the presence of heat and amino acids because they are non-reducing sugars,but it is absorbed in large intestine. FOS has many physiological functions, promote peristalsis, control blood sugar level and reduce blood lipid.

l) FOS is by definition the dietary fiber.

2) β-(2→1) glycoside bond connects the molecules, not digested by the digestive fluid. 3) FOS is almost not absorbed by the intestine.

FOS has many physiological functions, promote peristalsis, control blood sugar level and reduce blood lipid.

2,FOS is Prebiotic

Prebiotic by Gibson and Fuller:“non-digestive food compound, which can selectively stimulate the growth/activity of one or more colonic bacterium. There is the healthy effect for host. FOS completely meets the prebiotic definition in the following areas:

1) FOS is almost not being digested in the small intestine.

2) FOS is selectively used by the bifidobacteria inside the colon, promote its growth/activity and balance intestine bacteria level.

3) FOS has a number of beneficial functions: promote peristalsis, strengthen immune system, reduce bad bacteria, decrease blood lipid & cholesterol, increase mineral absorption, enhancement of calcium absorption, promote good bacteria to from lots of vital vitamins, resist growth of oral disease and etc..




Item Liquid Powder
  50 55 80 90 95 50 80 90 95
Appearance Light yellow translucent and sticky liquid White or light yellow powder
Powder size --- 40 mesh
Impurity No visible impurity
Smell Special FOS smess
Taste Good sweet taste and no odor
Water content ---- 5.0% max
Dry matter(solid material) 75% min --
PH value 4.5-7
Total FOS(on dry matter basis) 50 55 80 90 95 50 80 90 95
Ash 0.4% max
Colors 0.2 ----
Transmittance 85 -----
Arsenic 0.3 mg/kg max
Lead 0.5 mg/kg max
Total Bacteria number 1000 cfu/g max
Coliforms 30 mpn/100g
Yeast 25 cfu/g max
Moulds 25 cfu/g max
Pathogenetic germs(salmonella, shigella, staphylococcus) None









































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